Upsilon - Why?!

Why should I use the Upsilon project?

You probably shouldn’t.

Upsilon is not a mature, large, trusted project. The 1st goal of the project isn’t even to create the best bit of software! You can read more about the why of the project below.

However, if it did made sense to have a “sales pitch”, it would be;

If you are looking for a real monitoring solution - go take a look at the CNCF landscape;

What are the goals of the Upsilon project?

  1. To have a large, ambitious development and coding project with which to experiement with new ideas and learn new things.
  2. To see how difficult it is to build a community around something.
  3. To maybe create a useful distributed, flexible and extensible monitoring system.

What sucks about Upsilon project?

Lots of things!. Some parts are written in Java and PHP, there are some security holes and quite a few bugs. But this has been a labour of love for quite some time, so that is’s ok! These will be fixed over time and for sure new issues will be introduced. But if you think you’d like to help out, or just stay subscribed to updates, then please consider joining the community in some way.

Why was the upsilon project created?

See the manifesto.

Why would I not just use $otherProject?

See the competitors page to compare Upsilon to other projects.