The Upsilon Project is a distributed, flexible and extensible monitoring system.



Send results to external databases or forward results to other nodes. You run service checks on Upsilon nodes in your network where it makes sense. upsilon-web provides a single unified interface of these distributed nodes.


If you can script it, you can monitor it - unlike many monitoring systems, the monitoring scripts are external to the main server. Upsilon has been used to monitor many different things and is totally API compatible with all nagios monitoring scripts.


You can add monitoring checks to Upsilon at runtime - without needing to restart the server. The upsilon-node and upsilon-web projects both have their own REST APIs.

DNS records, domain name expiry, MySQL Databases, ping times and any many more, including thousands of existing nagios checks. Create your own in any programming language using the service check API. Read More ยป

Download Setup a Upsilon in your environment.

Documentation Installation, configuration, etc

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Mailing Lists The mailing list is Google maintains the list and hosts the mailing list archives. Free free to post anything upsilon related.

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