Use Cases

What does Upsilon do well?

See the homepage to a list of use cases where Upsilon could be used.

What sucks about Upsilon project?

Lots of things!. Some parts are written in PHP, it hasn’t been tested at large scale, so it means there are probably hidden security holes and quite a few bugs.

However, this is a labour of love for quite some time, so is time they should be fixed.

If you think you’d like to help out, or just stay subscribed to updates, then please consider joining the community in some way.


How Mature is the Upsilon project?

Upsilon is not yet a mature and large project, and it started out as something very different in the past, with deliberately vague goals to explore new ideas and try new things.

It’s scope has now been more refined, and aims to just focus on process orchestration. It obviously it not as popular as Kubernetes, but it is likely to grow in popularity as it continues to focus on one thing, and doing that thing well.

Is this Open Source?

Yes, totally free and Open Source. GPLv3. There is also no intention to create a “professional version”, a hosted cloud service, not to attach any user tracking to it.

Why was the upsilon project created?

See the manifesto.